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  • Moving Windmill Recycled Craft

    by Admin

    This recycled windmill craft is such a wonderful idea, especially since the sails of the windmill actually turn! A little bit of art combined with a little engineering! We really …

Recycled Egg Carton Rocket Craft

by Admin

This recycled egg carton rocket craft will fascinate kids of all ages! The best part about it is that you can play with your craft once it’s finished! Fly me …

Story Stone Painting

by Liz McQueen

Imagine illustrating your own story using stones. This story stone painting allows you to do just that! While painting pictures on stones the other day a great idea popped up. …

Cardboard Tube Fall Tree Art

by Admin

Wonderfully easy and using material that would otherwise end up in the recycling, this cardboard tube fall tree is really quite beautiful! Super easy too! I have created a free …

Fall Trees with Q-Tip Printed Leaves

by Admin

Painting Fall trees with Q-Tip printed leaves is as easy and beautiful as it gets! The patterns made by the little round tops of the q-tips make the most gorgeous …

Fall Tree Art with Foil Printed Leaves

by Admin

Foil printed leaves have been around forever! Aluminum foil in art and crafts is much loved – for sculpture, drawing, painting, and printing! It also happens to create the most …



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