14 Ways to encourage your children on a daily basis!

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Positive Encouragement on a Daily basis-02


1. Give them a hug for no apparent reason. Just HUG them!

2. Smile at them often.

3. Allow them to help you. This makes it easier when you want to help them!

4. Be patient and supportive when you see your little one struggling. (Gently offer your help!)

5. Look for the positive in what they say and do.

6. Have fun with them.

7. Say ‘Thank You’ and ‘Please’. It sets a good example for them to follow and it helps the ‘magic words’ become a good habit.

8. Teach them they ‘Can’ do anything they set their minds to.

9. Praise them.

10. Believe in them.

11. Say ‘I love you, I am always here for you’.

12. Say ‘Job well done’.

13. Don’t be scared to say ‘I was wrong’.

14. STOP and spend quality time with your children. Time passes us by so quickly!


Encourage your children on a daily basis. Ideas for positive parenting.


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