171 Painting Ideas – Techniques and Projects for Kids

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If you are looking for Children’s Painting Ideas – be it new techniques – styles or projects… you have come to the right place!

171 painting ideas for kids. this is the final round up of the 2015 Paint-A-Thon at Emma Owl

This month we hosted the 2015 PAINT-A-THON, where 36 incredible bloggers from all over the world added to a GIANT list of painting ideas for kids by sharing their own creations!

I would like to thank all those who contributed!!

Great Ideas for Kid Process Art Painting Activities and Projects

Process Art

Children love process art – it allows them to create without rules and goals! Without a fixed task – other than ‘to paint,’ …children will relax and enjoy.

Society is so task orientated, it is nice to just create… Often when I am doing this with my own kids I will find myself smearing a color around a surface in circles – aimlessly – in my own dream world… aahh… so relaxing!

  1. Spray Painting Graffiti // Emma Owl
  2. Free Painting with Toddlers // Hen Family
  3. Painting with Wheels Gone BIGGER // Hands on: as we grow
  4. Outdoor Painting fun with Kids // Peakle Pie
  5. Painting on Mirrors // One Time Through
  6. Single color Wet on Wet Watercolor Painting // Rhythms of Play
  7. Painting with Magnets // Emma Owl
  8. Guttering Painting // Adventures of Adam
  9. BIG ART for Preschoolers // P is for Preschooler
  10. Bubble Wrap Roller Painting // My Bored Toddler
  11. Spinning Top Painting // In the Playroom
  12. Milk Caps & Lids Squish Painting // A little Pinch of Perfect.
Paint without using a paintbrush. Explore these interesting paint brush - or paint tool - ideas

Interesting Brushes

We love painting without an actual brush in sight! It introduces us to new textures – prints and some ‘DiY’ brushes create the most beautiful paintings! We love making new brushes as much as we enjoy painting with them!

  1. Painting with Household Items // Moms and Crafters
  2. 22 Fork Painting Ideas for Kids // Emma Owl
  3. Paint with Food Stamps // Child Led Life
  4. How to use Sponge Pouncers // Artsy Craftsy Mom
  5. Beautiful Foil Fall Painted Tree // Munchkins and Moms
  6. Beautiful Sponge and Leaf Tree Painting // Welcome to Mommyhood
  7. Q-Tip Texture Art   // Crafty Kids as Home
  8. Tape Resist Sponge Painting // Crafty Kids at Home

Creating a sensory experience even with the most simple painting ingredients

Sensory Painting Experiences

A Painting experience in itself is a full on sensory process – but how much MORE fun is it if we add smells – and textures!

  1. Painting clouds sensory activity // Study at Home Mama
  2. Ice Painting //  My Bored Toddler
  3. Muddy Animal Painting // Munchkins and Moms
  4. Snow Puffy Paint // Kidz Activities
  5. W is for Wheels Sensory Play  // Growing Hands on Kids


Great nature painting craft projects for children who love the outdoors and natural ingredients and tools

Painting With Nature

Sticks – Stones and Leaves sometimes make the best painting accessories!!

  1. Acorn Painting // Play and Learn Every Day
  2. Painting Pine Cone Flowers // Emma Owl
  3. Nature Painting Texture Collage  // A Little Pinch of Perfect
  4. Invitation to paint with Nature // Welcome to Mommyhood
  5. Leaf Painting // Kidz Activities
Interesting Painting Techniques for children - part of our 171 painting ideas and inspiration!

Interesting – Unusual – Different and FUN FUN FUN!

Painting Techniques that you just HAVE to try!!

  1. Shoe Print Craft // Fun Hand Print Art Blog
  2. Easy Superhero T-Shirt Painting // Teach Me Mommy
  3. Co-operative Shapes and Colors // Mosswood Connections
  4. Exploration Painting // Off the Shelf
  5. Symmetry Painting // JDaniel4s Mom
  6. Painting the Fruit of the Spirit // For the Love of Dixie
  7. Partner Painting // The Inspired Treehouse
  8. Matisse Goldfish //  Playground Parkbench
Great Kids painting resource = part of the 171 painting ideas for kids Paint-A-Thon

And you have to try these too!!…

  1. Spin Art Painting // Learning and Exploring through Play
  2. The Magic of Salt Painting // Artsy Momma
  3. Shake it Up! // Sunny Day Family
  4. Build a Painting // Rhythms of Play
  5. Butterfly Painting Craft // Super Mommy Club
  6. Pointillism with Acrylics // Something 2 Offer
  7. OILS and WATERCOLOR // Emma Owl
Kids Paint Recipes - all you need for a year full of painting!

Paint Recipes – Ideas to make your own Homemade craft materials!

Making your own paint is not only fun – kids love it – but is usually saves a lot of money!!

  1. Fresh Fruit Paint // Play Dough and Popsicles
  2. Painting with Paint Dough // Life with Moore Babies
  3. Spicy Scented Sensory Paint // One Time Through
  4. DiY Bath Paint // Play Dough and Popsicles
  5. 66 Homemade Paint Recipes // Emma Owl
  6. Homemade microwave Puffy Paint // Messy Little Monster
171 Painting Ideas for Kids Art and Craft Projects

And if that is not enough…
Here are 120 MORE Painting ideas… Have Fun!!

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