2 Beautiful Flower Art Ideas for Children

All activities must be supervised by an adult. This post may contain affiliate links.

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flower fun. 2 children craft activities using flowers


We have been inspired by flowers – the kind you find growing wherever – the kind that make weeds look good! Wildflowers and weeds are picked every walk we go on!

On brining home a bag full – we have occasionally turned them into art!

Here is our collection…


collecting flowers for art


Sometimes we mix up some flour and water glue and get sticking.


wildflower art


I made flour and water glue on holiday last year as we had no other glue with us, and it worked well as it is thick – so the big flowers get squashed into these big blobs of glue and they stick!

To make glue from flour and water, add about two Tablespoons into a jar and slowly add water until you have a paste like consistency – needs to be quite thick!


flower art. a great indoor and outdoor activity



This is a great littlest activity that can be done almost anywhere there is flour!! It is not about the final masterpiece, rather the process of collecting flowers, sorting them out, and sticking them onto card!


flowers and glue makes the perfect flower art


Children LOVE to stick!! They will stick anything to anything!!


Have you tried printing and painting with flowers yet? If not it is definitely something you should try…


Painting with Flowers. Great summer art



You can use the flower as a stamp and make flower like prints – or you can use the flower as a different sort of paint brush…


Painting with Flowers. This is a great spring and summer time activity


The soft stem of most flowers mean that you need to almost drag the flower along the paper – rather than make definite brush strokes – something different for a change! Again, enjoying the process of making art rather than trying to be precise and neat!


flower printing. This is a great art and craft activity for children in summer



We enjoyed this! A whole bunch!





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