2 Ingredient Magic Sand – this you have to make!!

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There are many versions of our Magic Sand out there. Some call it Cloud Dough, others call it Soft Sand others Moon Sand…

We call it MAGIC SAND.

…because like magic, there was quiet in the house!

Magic Sand made with 2 Ingredients. Great sensory play Material

We played for hours – both of us.

It is so soft, I loved it… but that’s not quite the point… Emma loved it too!

How to make Magic Sand?

2 Ingredients: Flour and Oil

1 cup baby oil (we used lavender scented oil)

8 cups of flour

Add the oil and flour to a bowl and mix well!

Magic Sand

I made half the quantity to start but quickly made more!

I also used lavender scented baby oil… mmmmmmmmm.

Magic Sand

We got out some instruments – to make and pat and push and dig and scoop and cut and fill…

Then we added the magic!!

The texture is soft and moldable, it smells great.

Make some, trust me!

If you would like to play with sensory sand but are still little and are a bit worried that it might end up in the mouth – then here is our recipe for Edible Magic Sand.

Here are some more great sensory play ideas I am sure you will enjoy:

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2 Ingredient Magic Sand. Easy and Cheap to make! Wonderful Play Material!
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