200+ Painting Ideas for Children

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This wonderful collection of 200+ Painting Ideas for Children was created by over 50 bloggers from around the world during our Paint-A-Thon

This is the second round – last year we collected over 170 Painting Ideas for Children


Painting Ideas for Children

  1. Ice Cream Painting + Puff Paint Recipe //  Emma OwlNothing says summer like a bit of art and craft in the form of ice creams! These are great to paint and wonderful to decorate!!!
  2. The Scream Art Adventure Project //  Shena Leonard,  This looks like so much fun – kids love this stuff… Have you ever seen that painting The Scream by Edward Munch, this idea is a great adaption of that – who doesn’t like creating art of themselves screaming, right!?!?
  3. Handprint Painted Peacock // Enrichment Studies, this is a beautiful idea making use of our favorite tools – our hands! You will be surprised at how five fingers make the perfect fanned peacock tail!
  4. Flower Painted Giraffe // Preschool Powol Packets, yes you heard me correctly you can indeed paint giraffes with flowers – creative and wonderful – easy to set up too!
  5. Bubble Blown Apple Garland // Teach Me Mommy, just in time for Autumn crafting season, this apple garland is sure to brighten up any room – what a wonderful process for children to explore – painting with bubbles – fun!Kids Painting Ideas
  6. Handprint Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles // Fun Hand Print Art Blog, these guys are sure cute! Children love painting their own hands – the process of using hands to paint never gets boring – especially when their names are Raphael and Leonardo!
  7. Yarn Resist Painting // Play Dough & Popsicles, wonderful art project that is suitable for kids of all ages! There is no wrong way to do this – only spectacular results!
  8. Printing Okra with Flowers // Emma Owl, this funny vegetable makes the most beautiful flowers, it is as if they have ‘flowers on the inside!’
  9. Fingerprint printed Poppies // Enrichment Studies, fingers too make lovely ‘brushes’ and these poppies look great in any garden!
  10. Dot Painting // Kidz Activities, pointillism at it’s best! Such a wonderful technique to teach children, and of course more than great learning – it’s fun fun fun!!Hundreds of Painting Ideas for Children
  11. Indoor Rain Painting // Crafty Kids at Home, what a great idea – create rain indoors and with that a beautiful pice of art! Strengthens those little hands too!!
  12. Painting with Crepe Paper // Uno-Zwei-Tutu, yes you can paint with paper! Click to see how to make this spectacular art!
  13. Sand Toy Painting // Raising Little Superheros, process painting is free and exciting, children love the exploration process. Just imagine painting with all the toys destined for the sand pit!! Interesting!!paintathon2016
  14. Painting Bones // The Jenny Evolution, this is real bone painting! Such a bright colorful way to embrace nature, these pieces of art are amazing!
  15. DiY Chalk Paint Recipe // Our Whimsical Days, only 3 ingredients needed to make this fantastic paint at home!
  16. Leaf Painting // Look We’re Learning, nature art is always such a great idea to make with children, after a nature walk or hunt in the garden, these leaf paintings are perfect for a quiet bit of creativity and color!2016 Paintathon
  17. Peacock craft dish brush Painting // Artsy Momma, wonderful bright idea that includes both an interesting painting technique and a great peacock craft making activity!
  18. Texture Exploration and Nature Made Paintbrushes // Crafty Mama in Me, the best paintbrushes are homemade, especially y those you need to collect in nature!
  19. Painting with Shells // Our Daily Craft, this is the perfect activity following a day collecting shells on the beach! Nature inspired, these shells make great painting tools!Unknown-1
  20. Apple Printed T-Shirts // Non Toy Gifts, easy to set up fabric painting idea – great craft activity and they make wonderful t-shirt gifts!
  21. Three Color Wet-on-Wet Painting // Rhythms of Play, only the primary colors – red, yellow, and blue – are used, and like magic many more colors appear! Great color learning and Art Technique!
  22. Hand Printed Pumpkins // Craft Create Calm, pumpkin art ideas? Look no further than these super cute little pumpkins!Painting iDeas for Kids - over 200 ideas
  23. Easy Mural Painting // Beyond Mommying, we love big art! Murals are the perfect way to paint wonderful things large scale – this one is fantastic!
  24. Exploring Paint & Textures // Mosswood Connections, this is a wonderful idea to create your own textured paint – and plaster a picture! Process art and sensory painting combined!
  25. Potato Print Painting // Clare’s Little Tots, this is a classic and these potato stamps are a wonderful way for children to paint and explore shapes!Many great ideas for kids painting here
  26. Easy Batik // Emma Owl, this is a fantastic project to do – that looks exactly like batik, yet no hot wax or dye is needed. Great gift Idea!
  27. Mondrian Tuff Spot Painting // Tuff Spot Play, wonderful idea for a group or solo painting project! It works so well and is such a clever way to explore one of the great artists!
  28. Crinkled Paper Fall Tree // Play Dough and Popsicles, process art at its best! Great painting technique – makes perfect fall trees!Painting ideas for kids - over 200
  29. Painting James Rizzi Birds // Rubber Boots and Elf Shoes, what a lovely watercolor painting idea! These birds are a must see!!
  30. Slinky Painting // Fantastic Fun and Learning, this was one of my favorite toys as a child – and now you can paint with them! Great process art activity!
  31. Tissue Painting Wall Art // 3 Princesses and 1 Dude, painting with paper? Yes you can! This technique is a great way for kids to paint – try something new!children painting ideas
  32. The Science of Sunsets // Kid Minds, if your children like painting skies (normally they get painted blue) this is a wonderful painting technique to paint a different kind of sky! Who is up for a little sunset watching!
  33. Salt Painting // Far from Normal, if you have not yet tried painting with salt you should! It is a wonderful technique that children love and you get to create magnificent masterpieces!
  34. Blow Dart Painting // The Science Kiddo, we love active art and this is a gem!! A fun activity and art in one!Children Painting Ideas
  35. Easy Acrylic Silhouette // Kid Minds, here is an idea with a simple technique that creates these awesome silhouettes! Small children can do this as the process is both fun and EASY!
  36. Pig Pen Pudding Painting // Life as Lanhams, including a free printable this painting activity is a great squishing and painting muddy exercise! Looks like fun!
  37. Citrus Painting // Rhythms of Play, beautiful citrus printing is a wonderful process art idea for children. Stamping citrus prints create lovely designer art!More than 200 painting ideas for Children
  38. Rock Stamping // Emma Owl, what looks like a simple idea is actually a good start to understanding 2D and 3D concepts, try this at home!
  39. Funky Sand Paint Pictures //  Peakle Pie, this is a super idea to create a painting with a texture! Easy sand paint recipe.

More than 200 Painting Ideas for Kids. This collection was put together by 50 child and parenting bloggers!

Looking for more great painting ideas?…

Here are some of last years top painting ideas! 51 more wonderful bits of painting inspiration for you to have a look through!

  1. Spray Painting Graffiti // Emma Owl
  2. Free Painting with Toddlers // Hen Family
  3. Painting with Wheels Gone BIGGER // Hands on: as we grow
  4. Outdoor Painting fun with Kids // Peakle Pie
  5. Painting on Mirrors // One Time Through
  6. Single color Wet on Wet Watercolor Painting // Rhythms of Play
  7. Painting with Magnets // Emma Owl
  8. Guttering Painting // Adventures of Adam
  9. BIG ART for Preschoolers // P is for Preschooler
  10. Bubble Wrap Roller Painting // My Bored Toddler
  11. Spinning Top Painting // In the Playroom
  12. Milk Caps & Lids Squish Painting // A little Pinch of Perfect.
  13. Painting with Household Items // Moms and Crafters
  14. 22 Fork Painting Ideas for Kids // Emma Owl
  15. Paint with Food Stamps // Child Led Life
  16. How to use Sponge Pouncers // Artsy Craftsy Mom
  17. Beautiful Foil Fall Painted Tree // Munchkins and Moms
  18. Beautiful Sponge and Leaf Tree Painting // Welcome to Mommyhood
  19. Q-Tip Texture Art   // Crafty Kids as Home
  20. Tape Resist Sponge Painting // Crafty Kids at Home
  21. Painting clouds sensory activity // Study at Home Mama
  22. Ice Painting //  My Bored Toddler
  23. Muddy Animal Painting // Munchkins and Moms
  24. Snow Puffy Paint // Kidz Activities
  25. W is for Wheels Sensory Play  // Growing Hands on Kids
  26. Acorn Painting // Play and Learn Every Day
  27. Painting Pine Cone Flowers // Emma Owl
  28. Nature Painting Texture Collage  // A Little Pinch of Perfect
  29. Invitation to paint with Nature // Welcome to Mommyhood
  30. Leaf Painting // Kidz Activities
  31. Shoe Print Craft // Fun Hand Print Art Blog
  32. Easy Superhero T-Shirt Painting // Teach Me Mommy
  33. Co-operative Shapes and Colors // Mosswood Connections
  34. Exploration Painting // Off the Shelf
  35. Symmetry Painting // JDaniel4s Mom
  36. Painting the Fruit of the Spirit // For the Love of Dixie
  37. Partner Painting // The Inspired Treehouse
  38. Matisse Goldfish //  Playground Parkbench
  39. Spin Art Painting // Learning and Exploring through Play
  40. The Magic of Salt Painting // Artsy Momma
  41. Shake it Up! // Sunny Day Family
  42. Build a Painting // Rhythms of Play
  43. Butterfly Painting Craft // Super Mommy Club
  44. Pointillism with Acrylics // Something 2 Offer
  45. OILS and WATERCOLOR // Emma Owl
  46. Fresh Fruit Paint // Play Dough and Popsicles
  47. Painting with Paint Dough // Life with Moore Babies
  48. Spicy Scented Sensory Paint // One Time Through
  49. DiY Bath Paint // Play Dough and Popsicles
  50. 66 Homemade Paint Recipes // Emma Owl
  51. Homemade microwave Puffy Paint // Messy Little Monster

We have also included – just in case you don’t have paint EVERYWHERE already – kids painting ideas from all the bloggers who are taking part this year. Here are their ideas, ‘painting thingies’ they have created and inspired in the past!!

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