22 Fork Painting Ideas for Kids

All activities must be supervised by an adult. This post may contain affiliate links.

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Fork Painting is such a fun – and clever – Kids Art Painting technique!

It allows for different textures and lines and creates something far different than a paintbrush!

Definitely worth giving it a try!

Fireworks are great when Painted with a Fork!

Fork Painted flowers. A great little painting technique for kids

Fork Flowers – Beautiful!

5. A great flower craft – even one toddlers can enjoy from Room to Grow.

6. Kids Play Box created these Spring Tulips – they look like the real thing!

7. Make a wish and Paint these Dandelions from Raising Little Superheros.

8. Sunflowers!! This Simple Fork Print Sunflower Craft from Crafty Morning looks awesome! We love Sunflowers!

9. Painting Daffodils with a fork is an easy spring craft – just like these from Healthy Mama Info.

Fork Painted Trees - great kids art technique

Flowers we can do, but what about trees?

10. Absolutely – especially if they are Truffula Trees – source Pinterest.

11. A Blooming Cactus – forks make great prickles!! Preschool Playbook will show you how!

12. Fork Painting also creates a very impressive Christmas Tree – House of Baby Piranha

13. Great Christmas Tree – Great Christmas Wreath – by House of Baby Piranha

Kids Fork Painted Process Art Activities

Process Art is a good way to let children just be – just paint – experiment and allow things to happen on their own, without any real objective – other than TO DO!

These 3 process art painting ideas use forks to mix paint, scrape texture, blend colors and more! Be sure to follow the links for the paint recipes and instructions…

14. Fork Scrape Painting by The Imagination Tree

15. Textured Painting from Laugh Paint Create

16. Shaving Cream Painting by In Lieu of Preschool

Fork Painted Animals. Great Painting projects for kids

Animal Craft is ALWAYS fun – and these ideas are not only cute – but they are painted without paintbrushes in sight!!

17. Scaredy-Cat Splat by Art Rocks!

18. Footprint and Fork Lion Painting by Emma Owl

19. Cup Caterpillar with Fork Grass – from Teach Preschool

20. Spring Chick Craft by Crafty Morning.

21. Beautiful Peacock – source Pinterest.

22. Hedgehogs are the cutest things ever! This hedgehog fork painting is very clever – and cute of course!! Free hedgehog template included! Thanks miniminiyiz.

22 Fork Painting Ideas for Kids. Great technique for fun and art!
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