25 Christmas Gifts Made by Children

All activities must be supervised by an adult. This post may contain affiliate links.

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Christmas Gifts made by children are about the most special thing ever!

I love giving and receiving things that are handmade with love, and kids love it too!

If we are not able to make our own gifts we try to add onto something bought – just that little extra personal touch!

25 Christmas Gifts for Children to Make

Special keepsakes are always a winner when it comes to Granny and Grandpa – especially when little hands and feet are involved!!

Mom and Dad, Brother and Sisters prefer things they can actually use!

Here are some fantastic ideas to get you started!!

The amount of help required to finish a project depends entirely on the child’s ability and age! Hope you have fun!

Our TOP 3 Child Made gifts…

These air-dry clay leaf bowls are so easy to make! The process of rolling out the bowls, squashing a leaf on top and then producing something that looks amazing is such fun and wonderfully exciting for kids!

Pinch pots are a great activity and can be decorated in so many ways! You can use air-dry clay, salt dough, clay, moulding clay or any other drying moulding material you can get your hand on! Perfect Christmas gifts!!

Peppermint Sugar Scrub is super easy to make, it really smells wonderful and it is honestly great to use in the bath!!

Wonderful gift for your teacher!!

Here are some more fabulous Christmas gifts made by Children ideas!

Fridge MAgnets

Shrink Plastic Fridge Magnets // Craft Me Happy

Recycled Art Magnets // Hand Made Kids Art

Christmas Gift Ideas

Pinch Pot Dish – Or Vase // Emma Owl

Dishwasher Safe Robin Thumbprint Mugs // Mum In The Madhouse

Scribble Mug // I Heart Arts ‘n Crafts

Make your own Crayon Christmas Tree Ornaments! Add a few together for a perfect child’s gift idea!

Handprint Gift Ideas for Christmas

Christmas Tree Footprint Decoration // Emma Owl

Rainbow Walked Apron // Emma Owl

Reindeer Pillow // Tip Junkie

Pot Holders // Fun Handprint Art

Diy Bath Ideas for Gifts

Bath Bomb Gift Idea // Club Chica Circle

Sleepy Time Bath Salts // Live Simply

Peppermint Sugar Scrub // The Frugal Girls

Gifts that Kids can make

Homemade Recycled Crayons // Emma Owl

Personalized Candles // Kylie’s Korner

Cookie Cutter Bird Feeders // Pretty Prudent

Kid made Christmas Ideas

DiY Photo Snow Globes // Design Mom

Painted T Shirts – Toddler Style // Hands on as we Grow

Child made Christmas Presents

Watermelon Coasters // Emma Owl

Plastic Perler Bead Bowls // Meaningful Mama

Leaf Bowl // Emma Owl

Child made gifts - plant pots

Butterfly Footprint Flower Pot // Mama Papa Bubba

Aluminum Can Flower Pot // Makezine

Child made key chains

Fingerprint Key Chain // My Life of Travels and Adventure

Toddler Keepsake Key Chain // CraftyCreativeKathy

Handprint Charms // Plucking Daisies

These Hama Bead Keyrings were so much fun to make! They honestly make sure great gifts!!

Easy to make and perfect for gift giving! Try making these Lemon and Lime Bath Salts!

Footprint Cards are always a good gift accompaniment!

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