25 COOL Summer Popsicle and Ice Cream Crafts

All activities must be supervised by an adult. This post may contain affiliate links.

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Calorie free popsicle and ice cream crafts to cool you down!

We love summer!! Hope you find some ideas here to bridge those rainy days and inside moments!

25 Ice Cream and Popsicle Ideas. Art and Craft, Play, Food and More!

Summer Rocks – and so do these ideas!

Let’s start with this Giant Paper Popsicle Craft. These are seriously big fun!!


These airplane magnets made from popsicle sticks and clothing pegs are such a great addition to any fridge!! You can really use them!


These paper ice cream decorations are so cute! I might even hang them on the Christmas Tree!!


popsicle stick harmonica – not only looks fab, but I am sure it makes a sweet sound too!


This puffy paint craft works well! It stays puffy the next day and it makes the perfect ice cream!

Puffy Paint Ice Cream Art

Simple & sweet. Little Children’s craft – perfect for any day! Paper Plates make the best ice cream tops!


Washi Tape Bordom Buster Jars. This is such a clever little idea for the long summer holidays!


These Hama Bead Ice Creams look great! Here is the pattern!


Free printable ice creams – perfect for your pretend summer ice cream shop – they never melt!!! They are also just beautiful…


I know a little girl who would love to make these!! Lovely popsicle stick dolls!


Looking for a sensory or imaginative play idea for a rainy summers day? This is our “pretend tend” ice cream shop! Includes the best ‘pretend’ ice cream recipe!

Imaginary Play Ice Cream Shop

Make your own Angry Birds Catapult! This looks like serious fun!

Angry Birds Catapult 2

This cotton ball craft is going to add a smile to any child’s art lesson!


Paper Popsicle Memory Game – with free printable, this is awesome!


These popsicle stick bookmarks make such cute gifts!


This is something we are definitely going to try – DIY Ice Cream Garland – made with Egg Cartons and Pom Poms! Is this just not the cutest idea?


How totally cute are these? I love love love these little crochet ice cream cones!


This ice cream craft looks like fun – I like the little torn pieces of paper, works well!

childrens ice cream craft

A very clever popsicle craft indeed!


Our Fairy Garden included this little fairy door that we made using popsicle sticks! A great craft and a beautiful way to spend a magical afternoon!

Fairy House and Garden

A jumbo popsicle garland -will make a great addition to any summer party!


This is about the most fun you can have with popsicle sticks! Try this chain reaction!!


This is a fantastic wreath alternative for children to make!


This is beautiful! Would make a great gift card! I love the newspaper!


Balloon ice cream! Love it!



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25 Ice Cream and Popsicle Craft Ideas for everyone
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