25 of the BEST Outdoor – Nature Art & Crafts

All activities must be supervised by an adult. This post may contain affiliate links.

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Children find an appreciation for natural things by being exposed to it – and these ideas Nature Art and Craft Ideas should certainly encourage that!

We simply love nature and working outside (or inside) with natural materials brings a new dimension to every day art and craft.

25 Nature Inspired Crafts. Perfect for any summer camp and camping trip

Art & Craft for the great outdoors – or summer camp… or your garden…

I’m sure sunshine gives you more than Vitamin D!

In our house it brings creativity and smiles, so summer Art & Craft is just up our street – or garden!!

Your outdoor Must take Craft Supplies – with this list you will be able to make most crafts mentioned here below!

Outdoor Summer Camp Craft List

Nature Art & Crafts:

Here are 25 Great OUTDOOR ART & CRAFT IDEAS…

Weaving with Nature! What a beautiful idea!

nature weaving craft

Painting Sticks is so easy to set up, and such fun to do! They make the best decorations!

OutDoor Camp Craft. Painting sticks

If painting sticks is your thing then these wind chimes are going to inspire you to paint even more!!

Pinecones and Pasta – who would have thought this combination would make such beautiful 3d art!

wind chimes, sticks and pinecones. Great Nature craft

Make your own blocks!

These Waldorf inspired blocks are absolutely wonderful, an older child will be able to make them themselves – any child is going to want to play with them!

Something to make and play with!


Make your Own Nature inspired Head Gear!

Instructions on how to make your own Flower Chain – the perfect fit for any princess!

This beautiful Fairy Crown is made from Leaves folded together! Very Clever!

These Nature Crowns make the perfect child DIY activity!

Nature Crowns

Make your Own Nature inspired Paint Brushes – and then paint the perfect picture!

DIY Nature Paint Brushes

Make Flower Art – with freshly picked flowers from your nature walk!

Making Art with Nature can be amazing! Like these leaf bugs…

Leaf and Flower Art - inspired by nature

Have you tried painting with sand yet?

It’s a texture filled art experience – MYO sand paint in minutes!

Make your Own Sand Paint

Plan on doing a little Nature Dreaming?

This beautiful Dream Catcher should help!

moodkids dromenvanger4

Looking for gift ideas?

This Clay Leaf Bowl is not only fun to make but really does make such a great gift!

How to make an autumn fall leaf bowl

These next few ideas Rock!!

Funny Face Painted Rock Puzzle! GENUIS!


Paint your very own mud kitchen food – onto rocks – very clever!

Make your own little garden caterpillar. He’s very cute!

Boys? Car Crazy? Make them an outdoor car track…

Nature Ideas that rock!

Create a fairy world!

All you need to start is a wooden door and some imagination!!

Fairy House and Garden

Outdoors always = MUD! This mud guy is a great art project! Mud Sculptures – sound like fun to me!


Music Made from Natural things makes GREAT campfire instruments!

And last I have to throw it in – take a look at this tree stump drum set!! Oh yes, it’s real!

natural instruments

Time to get outdoors – and with ideas like these you have no excuse!

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We also have a Pinterest Board dedicated to Natural Art and Craft!

Enjoy creating!

Art and Craft with Nature

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