30+ Fun Things to do At The Beach

All activities must be supervised by an adult. This post may contain affiliate links.

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I’ve put together some amazing things to do with kids at the beach.

The best activities are those that just happen and usually involve digging big holes!! Every now and then however it is nice to prompt something a little extra, just in case anyone is thinking of getting bored!!!

I love the beach. I struggle to live in the present. I am always busy and thinking about my next move. The beach somehow always works it magic and I really stop and slow down. I have enjoyed so many wonderful moments on the beach, some of my best childhood memories are on the beach!

Here are some great ideas to make the beach even better!!

  • Collect Shells. Shells make the most beautiful crafts!
  • Collect stones and driftwood for decorations and crafts.
  • Build Sandcastles. Dig a hole! See if You can dig to Australia!
  • Blow Bubbles. Take some bubble mixture down to the beach. Here is a great bubble mixture recipe.
  • Skim a stone! See how far it will bounce!
  • Fly a Kite
  • Dig a hole and bury your legs and feet!
  • Make a sand angel – just like in the snow!
  • Look for footprints and try and work out who they belong too!
  • Do your workout or beach yoga. Here are some animal exercises for kids. This should get them moving!
  • Make a fort with towels and chairs! Hide in the shade.
  • Stacking rocks. If you happen to be on a beach with lots of rocks this is an awesome test of balance!
  • Tic Tac Toe. Find a stick and some wet sand and you have a giant game board!
  • Explore the wonders of a rock pool and investigate its inhabitants. There are so many wonderful resources on the internet that will tell you exactly what’s in a tidal pool in your area!
  • Make a sundial. Click here for the instructions.
  • Sand Pictionary. You can create your own age-appropriate clues.
  • Beach scavenger hunt. Here is a free printable to download.

Beach Games

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