33+ Beautiful Flower Craft Ideas

All activities must be supervised by an adult. This post may contain affiliate links.

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We love beautiful flower craft ideas! We like happy things and flowers do make us smile!

We often use flower art for cards and gifts – especially where grannies and teachers are involved!

What is my child learning?

  • Flowers are part of nature, they are everywhere you look. Incorporate flowers into your walks and drives.
  • The best learning happens in a conversation;
    • Can you spot any flowers?
    • What colors are these flowers?
    • Look for flowers that grow on a tree or flowers that grow on a plant…
    • Let’s count the flowers on this plant…
    • How many petals are on this flower?
    • Start to name the flowers by their names. Can you find the roses?
    • Name the parts of the flower…
    • Look for patterns in the petals and leaves…
    • Most of all, enjoy your time together!

Here are some of our favorite beautiful flower craft ideas:

Paper Plate Flower from Toddler Approved: I love this idea because sometimes the most simple things are the best! Head over for the full list of materials needed!

Magical water blossoms that actually open in water – check out the video in this link // Babble Dabble Do

Pulled string painting. This is like a little bit of magic! // One Little Project

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