A Dinosaur Bath – with PAINT!

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Bath with Dinosaurs and Paint. Children bath time fun


We had so much fun in the bath last night!

Every now and then I like to plan a bath time surprise… sometimes adding color – sometimes bubbles, herbs, ice eggs, paint, … last night the light in the bath broke, so we were in the dark… hence all the shadows in the photos…  Apart from a little desk lamp it was the perfect ‘world’ to set up a little bit of jurassic fun!!


So I set up some dinosaurs, trees and shrubs, and topped it off with a pot of bath paint for each child…

This is my best part – when the surprise is revealed!!


fun in the bath for children. Dinosaurs and Paint


They were both very excited and could not wait to get in…

Dylan switched between painting and playing with the dinosaurs…


Take a Bath with Dinosaurs and Paint


Emma on the other hand painted all the dinosaurs and trees pink…


Bath with Dinosaurs and Paint



Such an easy simple way to add fun to bath time!




Dinosaurs in the bath with paint. Great play activity for bath time.

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