A Splishin’ and a Splashin’

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Winter time? Time to bring the water play inside!

I love bath time fun. It makes bathing enjoyable and something that we look forward to, it brings an exciting element to something that is otherwise very routine, and it is a chance to add sensory, discovery and learning activities to our day.

It also gives my eldest some ‘alone with Mommy time,’ without her hair being pulled or her toys being stolen by her baby brother!!

Bath Time fun for Kids


I was so inspired the other day by a post I read… Debbie created this fantastic bath for her grandchild! Wow wow wow, what a clever a granny!!!

I got out the paper and pen – so to speak – and collected more fun foamy ideas!

Have a Splash Around!…

Debbie made this beautiful flower bath for Evie! Lucky Girl! Is this not the prettiest bath you have ever seen! Inspiration for sure! (she even gets a butterfly sponge – going to have to make one of those for sure!)

Flower Princess Bath Time Fun. A great idea to create magic in the bath




Homemade bath paint is great!

It is a real money saver and you know exactly what ingredients are inside!

Kelly sat her little one in the bath with some paint and a brush!

How much fun is this!


  1. This bath paint recipe is quick and easy to make!
  2. If you prefer a no soap option – this Sensitive Skin Bath Paint recipe will do the trick!
  3. Tear free BATH FOAM from A Little Pinch of Perfect…
  4. Shaving cream bath painting from Living, Loving, Laughing… 

Bath Time Paint Recipes


Will it float?

This is a great water science activity that can easily be adapted for the bath!

Fun and learning from The Joys of Boys…



Bath Time Boats!

What child does not want their very own Pirate Ship in the bath?

Sail Boats for the Bath

  1. Red Ted Art makes these cute little walnut boats
  2. What a great idea matey, from One Time Through
  3. Sponge and Duct Tape Bath Boats from The Craft Train
  4. Little Wax Boats by Housing a Forest


Little Duck Bath Time Fun

Fill the bath with things!

I call this sensory overload.

Create a theme and fill it up!

Last week I found all the ducks we had, and we had a little duck bath!

It was fun, and would have been more so if it were not for the fact that the ducks kept on face planting into the water and Emma spent the majority of her bath ‘saving them!’

Dinosaur Play – and Excavation!!!

Dinosaurs with a little bath paint!!

Could Not be more simple – the KIDS LOVED IT!

Bath with Dinosaurs and Paint. Children bath time fun

Use bath time to excavate!

We made these Eggs at Easter – but freezing things in ice is good all year round! 

Great activity to teach about hot and cold – and the effect warm water has on ice!


Car Bath Anyone?

Driving everyone up the wall = literally!! Cute idea from Adventures of Adam…




This is our Herbal Discovery Bath!

We loved the smells and the textures, such a good sensory activity – and so easy to set up!

Herbal Discovery Bath for Kids


Glow sticks in the bath? How cool is this!

Oh Yes please!! From The Chocolate Muffin Tree…



Add a little color and scent to the bath!

bath salts

Make your own glitter bath bubbles!

These bath salts from Growing a Jeweled Rose makes everything smell good!

We hope you enjoyed splashin’ around!!

20 Fun Ideas to turn bath time into a fun kids activity - all while washing!!

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