A Tea Party for Birds… DIY Teapot Bird Feeder and House

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DIY Bird Feeder. A Tea Party for the Birds.


A DIY Bird feeder Home that is worthy of a visit from The White Rabbit!

This is such a great recycling idea! You get to use the teapot you don’t use anymore, and it makes such a cute bird feeder!


  • A Tea Pot and it’s lid. However if the reason you don’t use the teapot is that there is no lid anymore you could always use a tea cup and saucer instead of the lid!
  • Wooden planks (x3) One for the main structure, one for the teapot lid and another (optional) for the ‘roof’ to hang an additional hook.
  • ‘Wooden round disk’ – to make a new tea pot lid with a ‘front door’ and perch
  • Hooks / screws to secure, hang and hold
  • A drill – with a diamond tipped drill bit – to drill the holes into the teapot
  • Bird food


DIY Bird Feeder. A Tea Party for the Birds.


1. Cut all the wooden bits to size – depending on your personal preference and teapot size. Stain or paint the wood as desired – see the photos for some ideas!

2. Drill the holes to hang the feeder up before you assemble. Add the hooks if you so wish.

3. Assemble.

4. Teapot hangs on the main frame and the lid sits on the ‘front porch.’

5. You can glue on the new front door entrance to the house – the wooden round disk replacing the teapot lid using glue suitable for both wood and ceramic. Hot glue will also work!

6. The tea pot lid can be secured by trying to match the top of the lid to the plank. Some lids have round bobble handles, other longish flat ones – just depends on your own lid. I would “embed” the lid into the wood to secure it’s position and then glue it firmly down.


DIY Bird Feeder. A Tea Party for the Birds.


7. The Teapot is the slightly tricky bit as it is going to need to be screwed onto the wooden panel. This means you have to drill a hole through the underside. To drill through ceramics you need to use a diamond tipped drill bit so it does not shatter.


Here is the best instruction video I can find…



All that is left to do now is add the finishing touches and bird food.

… and wait for your first hotel guests to arrive!


DIY Bird Feeder. A Tea Party for the Birds.



This bird feeder idea and photographs have been shared by Ineke at De Brocante Kast. Thanks so much for giving us permission to use your work! We just love this idea! They have a Facebook page too!



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