A waxy Pumpkin!

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This pumpkin idea sure puts a little twist on your classically carved Halloween or Fall Pumpkin!


This was fun! Fun fun fun! The result was gorgeous! We are really so happy about how this one turned out!!

I loved the way we could ‘melt stuff’ without burning our hands!! It was the first time we have used heat together and Emma loved it!



Pumpkin decorated with wax crayons


I glued Autumn colored crayons to the top of the pumpkin with a hot glue gun. I did this so that Emma did not have to hold anything with her fingers – to avoid burning!

The hot glue melted with the crayons so you could not see it afterwards! You could also pin them on or find some other way to secure them to the stem!


Wax Crayon Pumpkin



Then we used the hairdryer and blew hot air onto the crayons until they were all melted!

Really easy and so much fun!

wax crayon pumpkin. great fall decorating project

Our pumpkin in now in the hallway awaiting its first visitor!!

Easy Children’s Autumn / Fall Craft Project!

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Wax Crayon Pumpking - Easy Pumpkin Craft for Kids to do for Fall or Halloween. Does not use extreme hot heat to melt the crayons - so a great childrens project!






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