Air-Dry Clay Sunflower Bowls

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You are not going to believe how we cut out these air-dry clay sunflower bowls??!!

With a cardboard tube!!

Yes indeed, the toilet roll stars again, this time as a fabulous cookie cutter!!

A while back this sunflower painting art with easy DIY sunflower stamps was a real hit and after making our fall leaf bowls that we make each year to gift a Christmas time, we had some extra air-dry clay. These sunflowers were a beautiful result!

Air-Dry Clay Sunflower Bowls Materials:

  • Air-dry clay. We usually use either the DAS or Crayola. You can easily buy it here on Amazon by clicking the links.
  • Plastic wrap to cover the drying shape to avoid sticking
  • A small bowl or paper bowl that has gradually sloped sides – we used our little kiwi bowl – have a look in the video
  • Acrylic paint – these are great
  • A spray sealer. This is completely optional. A sealer can give your bowl a final shiny effect and it seals it against moisture. Mod Podge would also work!

Step by Step Video Instructions:

So easy and so beautiful!

Who would have thought that cardboard tubes make such great cookie cutters!!

These sunflower bowls make fantastic gifts!

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