Air-Dry Clay Valentine’s Day Hearts

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These air-dry clay Valentine’s Day hearts make the most beautiful gifts! So easy to make!

I like this project as it combines a few techniques, working with clay and threading the heart centres.

We made these little Robins with a woven red chest, and they turned out super cute so we thought about applying the same technique to clay.

What supplies do you need to make your own clay Valentine’s Day Hearts:

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Air-dry clay or salt dough. Here is a salt dough recipe and instructions to make it last!

Red wool or string. We used a ball of wool with shades of red to pink and white. Any red/pink color will do!

A roller and heart cookie cutters. One bigger than the other! If you do not have a heart cutter, no worries, just cut out some hearts from cardboard and use them as templates.

A straw or some other object to make holes. A drinking straw works the best!

Wax paper or some other board to work on. I use wax paper so I can roll the hearts, cut them out and wait for them to dry without having to move them off a surface and risk breaking them.

How to make air dry clay woven hearts:

See how-to video below…

First roll out your clay or salt dough to about 0.2inch / 0.5cm thick.

Cut out your heart shapes and add holes.

Be careful not to make the holes too close to the edge as it may break.

Let your clay heart dry. The drying time depends on the type of clay and weather conditions. It may take a day or two!

Once your heart is dry, thread in the red wool and tie off at the back!

As simple as that!

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