Apple Star Gift Wrap

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Making your own Christmas (or any) gift wrap is such a fun project for Children to do!

The end result is always special, because it is hand made, Children LOVE giving something they have made themselves – even if it is only the gift wrap.

Make this easy Apple Star Gift wrap for Christmas. A perfect little Christmas DiY

You can of course make little sheets of paper for little gifts, but we made rolls and rolls!! This meant that the dining table was top to toe paper roll and we ran around the table printing!

Crafts that involved a little walking are always fun!




First I cut out the star of the apple, using a cookie cutter!




Then we poked it at the top with a fondue fork! You can of course use anything that is going to give you some ‘holding grip!’




And then we printed!




Best Christmas paper ever!


Note: When selecting paper and paint, make sure that the paper is of a kind and quality that is going to be foldable when you wrap those gifts – some paper tears far to easily when folded!

Secondly, for this we used acrylic paint. The reason is that when some paint dries it dries crispy and then when you wrap your gift it simply peels off. Acrylic paint has far more elasticity when dry… just a thought.

Easy to make Apple Star Gift Wrap, fun craft project for you or the kids!

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