Apple Tree Printing with Sponges and Corks

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This apple tree art idea is a wonderfully pretty art project!

We have also included a free printable template just in case you do not want to paint your own apple tree.

Children love printing, whether it is process-driven – open-ended with no real objective – like this toddler printed circle activity or something more directed like this block printed Caste and Sun painting inspired by Paul Klee, the result is always enjoyment.

Younger children or children who struggle with self-esteem especially love printing as the outcome is often ‘right’ and pre-defined by the stamp, few mistakes can be made…

I have included a full video instruction at the end of this page.

Apple tree printing materials:

Apple tree printing instructions:

  • Draw or paint your apple tree – or use this template and print it out.
  • Cut sponges into leaf shapes. We used an A4 format paper therefore our leaves are small. The bigger the paper the bigger the leaves!
  • Get your paint ready. We used red for the apples and three shades of green for the leaves.
  • Off you go!
  • Start by printing the leaves and then follow with the apples.
  • It is worth waiting a while for the green paint to dry before painting your apples. The paint may otherwise mix and get messy.
  • Full video instructions below!

Trees are a great source of inspiration! Here are some other tree art and craft ideas to inspire:

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