Autumn Leaf Sun Shiner!

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Fall Leaf Sun shiner

Without a doubt our favourite thing… sunshine! In the autumn months as things start to cool and the leaves turn pretty shades of colour, we want to catch as much sun as we can! This autumn leaf sun shiner hangs on the window and we love it!!



  1. Black (or coloured) card for the frame
  2. Assortment of autumn coloured tissue paper
  3. A large piece of contact (sticky paper)


The first step is to cut out a frame. We did this by drawing a leaf shape onto a black piece of card and then cut it out. Once we had the leaf shape we cut a frame by cutting on the same line – about 5cm from the outside.


Next cut a piece of contact that is large enough to fit around the frame. We cut the contact square, peeled off the backing and stuck the frame onto the sticky side.


Placing the sticky side up, we filled the inside of our frame by tearing little bits of tissue paper and placing them onto the contact. It is ok to overlap them and it is also ok to overlap into the frame – the frame gets a trim at the end!

Sun Shiner


Once the entire leaf was filled up, we stuck a second piece of contact over the back – sticky side to sticky side. We now had a square piece of contact paper with an autumn leaf in the middle.


Time to cut around the outside of the frame – as close to the frame as you can, trimming off any over lapping tissue paper as you go. You are left with a beautiful autumn leaf sun shiner that is ready to hang in any window!


Kids Craft for Autumn. Great Little project to make - it will brighten up any window!!


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