Autumn Play Dough Recipes to Make at Home

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With the change of the seasons, and things getting a little wet and miserable, it is the perfect time to come indoors for some serious play dough playing!

Autumn – Fall play dough recipes often have wonderful colors and smells – just like the season!!

20 Autumn Play Dough Recipes

It is also a brilliant time to take all those nature walks you put off in the summer and collect treasures!

We collected things that filled a classroom Autumn sensory table for a whole week! That’s just about as many acorns as we can find!!

Here are the best Play Dough Recipes for a season that is overflowing with color, treasures and fragrance!

Orange Scented Play Dough

This is a recipe that involves a short cook – but totally worth it – as it lasts for months!!

LASTS FOR MONTHS - this Orange Scented Play Dough is so easy to make and is such a fun interesting sensory play activity for Children!

Cinnamon Scented Dough

Most Play Dough recipes contain Cream of Tartar – THIS HAS NONE!!

Easy to make - this NO cream of tartar included - Cinnamon Scented Play Dough will be a real winner! People actually want to eat it!

Apple Pie Play Dough


“Mom, this smells like cake…” Need I say more?

Smooth and Silky Apple Pie Play Dough Recipe

Spice Printing – with Apple Pie Play Dough

Looking for something interesting to do with all that beautiful play dough? Try This! The kids LOVED it!

Apple Pie Play Dough Spice Printing for Kids. A great sensory kids

Clove Scented Play Dough 

NO COOK – easy to make in 5 minutes, and WOW, this smells great!

Clove Scented Autumn Play Dough - No cook - so easy to make, great fall kids activity.

4 Fantastic Fall Recipes from Playdough to Plato

Including – wait for it… Red Apple Cider – Pumpkin Pie – Spicy Ginger & Nutmeg!!



Green Apple from Life over C’s

Green Jello makes this one a hit!



Autumn Spice from The Imagination Tree

The combination of colour and spices makes this such a warm dough to work with!


Caramel Apple from Mama, Papa, Bubba

This looks good enough to eat! Made with REAL apple!


Pumpkin Spice Play Dough from Small + Friendly

This recipe includes coconut oil for EXTRA smoothness!!



Apple Play Dough Invitation to Play from Fantastic Fun and Learning

The magic ingredient in this also washes hair!


Natural Cinnamon from Natural Beach Living

No cook, easy to make, natural ingredients!


Edible Pumpkin Play Dough from Preschool Powol Packets

Not only can you EAT THIS, but it is made from only 2 INGREDIENTS!!

edible pumpkin play dough 3

Apple Dough from Kids Play Box

Made with Apple Pie Filling – YUM!



Erupting Fall Play Dough from Housing a Forest

Yes, this does exactly what the name suggests! Trust me!


Apple Scented Bubble Dough from There’s Just One Mommy

Yes, Bubble!! 3 Ingredients…. you have to take a peek!!


Apple Cinnamon from Play to Learn

This one includes Apple Cider!


Candy Corn Play Dough from Learn Play Imagine

Including colors and smells – just like the real thing!

Candy Corn Playdough Recipe (1)

Cardamon Play Dough from Kids Play Box

Warm and Wonderful – and includes real spices!



Hope you enjoyed all the recipes!

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20 Autumn - Fall - Play Dough Recipes to make at home. This is the season for colors and smells!

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