Baby Sensory Play with Jelly

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This Baby Sensory play is completely edible and will keep any tiny tot entertained for a very long time!

Just to clarify – Jelly as in Jello – the gelatin kind!

Baby Sensory Play - with Jelly - Jello


I have done this several times with both my kids! They love it and it is really such a great thing to watch how they follow the senses!


I have done this from 6 months through to 18 months!


First they look, they sit and look at the tub of Jelly I put in front of them.


Then they touch it with their hands…


Then they put their feet into the jelly. Both my kids did this after their hands it seemed like a natural step to squish their toes…

And then they tipped it out! I have done this activity both inside and outside – it makes a mess, so wait for summer on the grass if you don’t want to clean a sticky floor…


And then by chance, they put their fingers in their mouth – the jelly is sweet –  and that’s it… they start eating…



Baby Sensory Play. This completely edible Jelly Activity will amuse any tiny tot!

When they have tasted the sweet jelly the play is over = and we eat as much as we can!!!


How to make a TUB of Jelly (Jello)

You need a tub… and you need Jelly – either store bought or make your own!

I used a tub big enough (30 x 20cm) to dig in and put feet in, but not too big – so I did not have to make a zillion liters of Jelly.

I have made Jelly using store bought packets, and I have made my own using our favorite (sugar free) juice and gelatin sheets…

Choose what ever is easiest for you! Jelly into the tub, wait for it to set and then play play play!!


Making A tub of Jelly

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