Bath Paint for Sensitive Skin

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A while back we posted a recipe for bath paint, and it was fun…lots and lots of fun!

The only thing is, that it contained soap, which is great for “washer washer washer” as Emma says, and no problem for most kids – especially since we used baby soap, but if your child is like mine and has sensitive skin, this is a great alternative – that can be used every day – no “washer washer washer” but FUN FUN FUN!!

And it could not be more simple!!

Homemade bath paint for kids with sensitive skin

Bath Paint Method:

Equal amounts corn starch and water, mix well, and divide into a container, we used our cupcake pan.

You can also use an ice tray – has great little separate compartments!

Then add the food coloring into each compartment and mix well.

TIP: You need to use very little food coloring – the tip of a toothpick


It should wash off the bath – I gave both the bath and the child a quick spray… test first if you are unsure.


Make your Own Bath Paint. This one is sensitive skin approved


And then we painted – until our hands and toes were wrinkled!

This Bath Paint Recipe includes soap (baby soap) and washes off – if you prefer…

Here is a full list of activities we love in the bath – for MORE SPLISHIN & SPLASHING Fun!

Homemade Bath Paint Recipe for Kids with Sensitive Skin



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