Beautiful Drip Painted Pine Cone Flower Craft

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These flowers are absolutely beautiful and make a wonderful centerpiece for any table! This craft is especially fun to do together after a nature hunt to collect all your materials!

We have made these pine cone flowers before, only last time we painted the pine cones and sticks. This time we dripped on neon paint for a bright change!

Nature crafts are always a good idea! Children love to explore outside, and being able to hunt and gather your art material always adds a new dimension to the activity!

Pine cone flower materials:

  • Pine Cones and Sticks
  • Neon Paint – or other paint to drip
  • Strong fast working glue – or a glue gun. If you craft often and do not have a glue gun yet it is really worth the small investment!! It will change your life!!

How to make pine cone flowers:

Making pine cone flowers – sometimes called pine cone roses – is fairly simple. I have also included a video tutorial to make it extra easy!

First, you need to collect all your materials. This usually involves a big nature walk. In an area with pine trees, you often find different kinds of trees and they all make slightly different sizes and shaped pine cones. Collect them all!

The sticks need to be long enough to fit into a vase, so don’t go too short! Our sticks are about 12inch / 30cm.

We used neon paint in a small squeezy bottle. Paint that comes in a squeezy bottle is best as you just need to squeeze it out. You can of course always decant other paint into squeezy bottles.

Zip lock bags will also work if you don’t have any bottles. Add the paint to the bag and cut a tiny hole in the corner. Emphasis on tiny!

Step by step instructions:

  • Layout your pine cones and sticks onto a piece paper or newspaper
  • Squirt the paint randomly over the pine cones and sticks creating a drip painted effect.
  • Wait for the paint to dry. We waited overnight.
  • As you are not painting smoothly with a brush, some of the paint can be thick and needs some time to dry.
  • Glue your sticks to the bottom of the pine cones. Make sure to use a glue gun or quick-drying glue as you need to hold the stick and pine cone together until it is dry… trying to balance the stick onto the top of the pine cone is not an option… believe me!!
  • Once the glue is dry and your flowers are complete find a wide-necked vase for your arrangement!

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