Beautiful Painted Pine Cone Flowers: Kids Art

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This beautiful Children’s Craft Activity – Painted Pine Cone Flowers – is a real treat!

It is so easy to do and these pine cone flowers make the best decorations!

Beautiful Painted Pine Cone Flowers

Supplies Needed:

Pine Cones

Sticks (or large wooden skewers will do)

Glue Gun – or VERY strong glue

Paint – we used kids poster paint – acrylics will work nicely to!


Painting PineCones

I set up our painting table and we got painting!

This kept both my babies busy for an hour. Somehow painting a pine cone is tricky business – as you need to get into all the nooks and crannies!!

Painting our PineCones

We painted some sticks we had and then left them all to dry!

We painted sticks the other day – this alone makes the best craft activity ever!

Painting Sticks for Pine Cone Flowers

Our flowers looked impressive already!

How beautiful!

If you don’t want to make flowers and paint sticks you could always paint pine cones and fill a big glass vase!

It would look absolutely lovely!!

Painted Pine Cone Flowers - great Childrens Art Activity

Once both pine cones and sticks were completely dry I stuck a stick onto the bottom of each one.

It requires a glue gun or really strong glue. If you don’t have a glue gun yet – Get One Here (affiliate link)

You will not believe you ever lived without it!!

TIP: Ann, one of our wonderful readers suggested you drill a small hole into the bottom of the pinecone before you add the glue and stick in the stick! This will look even better and will certainly secure the stick in place.

Painted Pine Cone Flowers

And then a little flower arranging was all that was needed!

How Beautiful is this simple craft!!

Beautiful Painted Pine Cone Flowers. Great Kids Craft Activity. So easy to do!




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