Bee Play Dough Recipe

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This bee play dough recipe is the best!

We love play dough! You can make it in much larger quantities – for half the price, you know what is in it and it is so easy to make you will wonder why you have not tried it already!

Quick play dough recipes that don’t involve cooking are great! Cooked for a few moments – like this one – are better! They are just softer, the play dough lasts longer and it does not get as crumbly and fall apart after two plays!

If you want a fast no-cook recipe – then try this one… Oranges and Lemons, no cook dough.

How to make the best Buzzy Bee play dough in the world…

Bee Play Dough Recipe

Buzzy Bee Play Dough Ingredients

Quick and Easy Method:

  1. Mix all the ingredients together in a big pot and then put it onto the stove – medium heat!
  2. Add your food coloring now if you wish to make it all one color, or add later by kneading it into the cooked dough to make several colors.
  3. At first, the mixture is quite runny, but after a few minutes on the stove, it forms a dough.
  4. Keep string continuously, make sure to stir the bottom of the pot so it does not burn.
  5. In about 2 minutes your mixture will be like dough.
  6. Take it out, allow it to cool and knead like bread a few times.
  7. Done!

Bee Play Dough Ideas

Here are some easy ideas to create a simple bee play dough set up;

  • I use a base when creating an invitation to play. This can be a wooden tray, plate, a placemat, or even a sheet of paper. This acts as a starting point to the activity and brings it all together. This fall sensory table base was created with a printed leaf on a piece of paper…
  • I then search for bits and pieces to add to the play dough. I try and find things that are different from each other and have different textures, sizes, and uses.
  • To a bee-themed play dough invitation to play you could add flowers, bee-hives, bees, things with yellow and black colors, other insects, rollers, bee and flower cutters, honey spoons…
  • Play dough is a wonderful sensory material to print into. Try to find things that create good textures. I found a piece of corrugated cardboard packaging. The inside created the perfect beehive!
  • You can also add scent to your play dough, this creates a new dimension for the child. Think of scents like lemon, rose, flowers, honey

Here are some other ideas I think you may enjoy:

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