Bees get thirsty too!

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Bee Bar - Because Bees Get thirsty too!

Making Honey is Thirsty Work!

Do you know that worker bees only live for about 6 weeks in summer and that takes 12 bees their lifetime to produce a teaspoon of honey?

That means that when you squeeze some yummy honey onto your toast in the morning, chances are that you are eating 24 bees lifetime work.

With this in mind and the fact that honey bees are really in a lot of trouble, we decided to give them a little help.

Make your own Bee Bar

Our neighbour has beehives. We don’t – Mommy is allergic to bee stings – but I don’t mind them being around! They pollinate our plants! Last year we were given a pot of honey from the beehives next door, and it was kind of nice to know that it came from the flowers in our garden – in fact, I was sure I could taste my hydrangeas!

A clean supply of water is much needed for the daily operation of running a beehive! Bees use water to cool the hive, to thin the honey to feed to the larva, and I am sure they just need a drink too!

If you have a swimming pool or a birdbath I am sure you have found little honey bees floating around, they drown when trying to collect water!

This is our no drown bee watering system!

All you need is a bowl – we used a wooden one and marbles!

Bees get thirsty too

Add water to the bowl, enough to almost cover the marbles – this way the bees can stand on them and drink.

I am sure you could do this with little pebbles just as well.

Place the bowl in your garden, where you are sure the bees will see it.

And then wait for your first customer!

make your own bee bar

Bee Bar

I am sure they will be here soon!!

Did you know that Bees need to drink water - and many drown. Here is an idea for your own garden to encourage - and help bees!

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