Best Kids Bubble Mixture Recipe

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3 Ingredient Bubble Mixture

This is the best bubble mixture recipe around! The bubbles last and you most likely have everything you need already!!

I have tried a couple of times to make bubble refills with water and dishwashing liquid. It works, but the bubbles don’t really last – no matter how much soap you add!

The KEY ingredient in this recipe is Glycerine. You can buy glycerine in cooking and baking sections of the supermarket, from your pharmacy or here on amazon. (affiliate link)

Glycerine works to strengthen the bubbles – so they are bigger and last longer,  giving the soap elasticity and power!!


Best Bubble Mixture Recipe:

  • 1 cup dishwashing liquid – washing up liquid.
  • 10 cups water
  • 4 Tablespoons glycerine

This is enough to last a summer! You can of course scale the mixture to suit your required quantity.

Bubble Mixture Storage ideas?

I like to store our bubble mixture in a plastic beverage dispenser with a tap – then the kids can help themselves!

This plastic one is perfect!

If you have a bubble recipe you would like to share –  we would love to hear from you!

Always welcome to pop them onto our Facebook Wall or send us a mail!

3 Ingredient Bubble Mixture - this recipe lasts and lasts!




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