Big Kids Art: Footprint Painted Autumn – Fall Tree

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Footprint Painted anything is always special – and FUN FUN FUN!!

Children LOVE walking in paint!

This is a wonderful way to paint a Fall - Autumn tree. Great collaborative painting idea and kids absolutely love walking in paint!!

This Autumn Tree art activity is sure to get those legs moving!

BIG art is always great as it requires whole body participation!

‘Walking a tree’ is also a fantastic collaborative art project!

We did ours together… and enjoyed it A LOT!!!

Footprint Painted Tree Materials:

Big Paper – I used a paper roll and then cut two bits off for the tree and one for the trunk.

Paint – Brown – Red – Yellow – Orange

Willing Little Feet – not difficult to find!!

Getting Ready to Paint our Fall Tree

I added paint to baking tins… Brown in the one and Red and Yellow in the other… (careful can be slippery)

We started with the trunk – walking up and down to make a nice thick trunk.

Then we balanced very careful heel to toe to make some thinner branches…

Painting the truck of our fall tree

Once the trunk and branches were dry we walked on our leaves!

OH BOY did we have fun!!

Painting the leaves on our autumn tree

I had added red and yellow paint – with the notion that enough walking would create orange anyway!

Great color mixing idea!

Kids LOVE walking in paint - and this autumn - fall tree craft project idea is no exception! Great collaborative art - and a beautiful result!

This is about the most fun you can have with ‘Autumn Leaves’

Children love squishing the paint between their little toes – and they love making footprints!!

Footprint Painted Autumn Tree

Hope you enjoy this as much as we did!!

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