Book + Craft Ideas for Children

All activities should be supervised by an adult. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. This post may contain affiliate links.

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50 Childrens Art and Craft Ideas Themed Around Books

Book + Craft – Read it then Make it! 

That is exactly what this week is all about.

Reading books and making a craft or getting involved in an art project that is linked to a story is such a wonderful way to engage with children! Crafts bring the book or story alive, and the story adds meaning to the Art!

We have brought together some wonderful bloggers and creators and together we are building a list of 50 + ideas for you to read together and then make together!



Gruffalo Story Props from ReCycables

The Gruffalo // Teach me Mommy



Rock Craft for Kids

Frederick // Sunny Day Family

frederick craft square collage

Charlotte’s Web inspired “About Me” Craft

Charlotte’s Web // Steam Powered Family


Small World Craft and Play

Where the wild things are // Play and Learn Everyday

where the wild things are small world play - top image

A Counting Book Activity

Each orange had 8 slices // Teach Besides Me


Invisibility Cloak Triangle Craft

The Tale of the Three Brothers // Raising Faries and Knights


Story Rhyming Kit

A Giraffe and a Half // Mosswood Connections


Play Dough Craft Activity

Strictly no Elephants // Books and Giggles


Coloring Printables – Free for Download 

Harry the Dirty Dog // Look We’re Learning


Watermelon Collage

What happens if you swallow a watermelon seed?

The Watermelon Seed // Bambini Travel


Octopus Craft made with Recyclables

 Commotion in the Ocean // My Bored Toddler


Cute Sheep Craft + Free Printable

Where is the Green Sheep // Kidz Activities


Thing 1 & Thing 2 Milk Carton Planters

The Cat in the Hat // Non Toy Gifts


Robot ReCycled Craft

Rob0Sauce // Our Whimsical Days


Peter Rabbit Garden Craft and Play

Peter Rabbit // For the Love of Dixie


Building Skyscrapers from Recyclables

 Roberto, The Insect Architect // Playground Parkbench


Quilt Craft with Free Quilt square and triangle downloads 

The Quiltmaker’s Gift // Swoodson Says


 Pigeon and Duckling Craft

The Duckling gets a cookie!? // Play Dough & Popsicles


Kangaroo Flower Pot Craft

+ 10 Kangaroo Facts for Kids

Katy No Pocket // Mommy Maleta


Read a loud Craft

+ introduction to fractions

 Full House // You’ve Got This


Handprint Rose Printing

 The Little Rose // Fun Handprint Art Blog


Children’s DiY Night Light

 Goodnight Moon // Create it. Go!


Beautiful Fish Art

Fish Eyes // Spell Out loud


An invitation to go WILD with Color

Swatch: The Girl who loved Color // Rediscovered Families


Harry Potter Wand

Harry Potter // Schooling a Monkey


Lost and Found Small World Play

Lost and Found // Adventures of Adam


Build your Own Lighthouse

Little Red Lighthouse and the Great Gray Bridge // Gypsy Road


Rainbow Dragon Craft

Princess Josephine and the Rainbow Dragon // Happy Healthy Thrifty Family


Egg Carton Fly

Golly Gump Swallowed a Fly // Far From Normal


Potato Stamped Caterpillar Craft

The Very Hungry Caterpillar // Raising Little Superheros


Walking a Duck Feet Painting

I wish I had Duck Feet // Emma Owl

I wish I had Duck Feet by Dr Seuss is such a lovely story about learning to love yourself! Makes for a wonderful kids craft activity - a painting craft that will end up with squeals of laughter!

Chalk Marker Fish Craft

Hooray for Fish // Artsy Craftsy Mom


Madeline Peg Doll Craft

Madeline // Sugar, Spice and Glitter



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