Boredom Buster For Winter Break

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Make your Own Bouncy Balls


With winter break coming up, the kids will be home and looking for something entertaining to do.

I have the perfect quick project that is science based and loads of fun!

Create your very own bouncy ball using simple household ingredients.

This recipe makes a semi-solid ball, meaning that if it sits for a long period it will flatten out like a pancake, but it can easily be rolled back into ball form for ultimate bouncing.
I love that it shows children what a chemical reaction looks like and gets them thinking like scientists asking questions and trying out their hypothesis.

It definitely makes science fun!
Please make sure that children and pets don’t eat the bouncy ball. It’s for play-time only, not snack-time.
Here is the bouncy ball recipe that I think works the best out of all the many recipes I tried.


DIY Bouncing Ball

You will need:
• 1 Tablespoon Elmer’s Glue
• 2 Tablespoons Warm Water
• ½ teaspoon Borax (Powdered Laundry Soap)
• A Few Drops Food Coloring
• Two Small Cups(Dixie cups work great)
• Stir Stick

Bouncy Ball Instructions:

In one small Dixie cup mix the water, Borax, and food coloring until dissolved. In another cup add the glue.

Take ½ teaspoon of the water/Borax/food coloring mixture and add it to the cup with the glue, let it sit for ten seconds. Then start stirring it vigorously, you will see the glue clump and look more solid like bubble gum.

Once it’s a solid, put it in your hands to mold and shape it into a ball. It will be super slimy at first, but with the friction of your rolling and squeezing it into shape, it becomes a dry tight bouncy ball!

Now, give it a bounce.

I used this project in a summer arts & craft program and it was a huge hit with kids and their parents! I heard a lot of “this is so cool” from the kids and parents were taking notes to try it at home.

With a class of over twenty kids, we had balls flying around the room and it was crazy fun.
So give this a try next time the kids are home on break and looking for something fun to do.


DIY Bouncing Ball


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