Bottle Top Beehive and Hand Print Bees!

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These handprint bees are the cutest!!

We have also discovered that painting beehives are not that hard! We used both bottle tops and a plastic cup. Both produced great busy beehives!

Handprint art is always a real treat and it always produces the cutest keepsakes! Kids also love to paint their hands!

What materials do you need to print bees and beehives?

  • Willing hands
  • Non-toxic kids paint. We use this paint a lot!
  • Cardboard or paper for a background and wings.
    • We used both solid cardboard wings and tissue paper wings – up to you to decide!
  • Googly eyes
Bottle Beehives and Hand Print Bees

With the bottle tops we cut out a beehive shape and printed bottle tops onto the hive shape.

The plastic cup beehive we painted hanging off a branch onto a blue background. I have included a full video at the end of this page!

And then for the fun part!! THE BEES!!

We used our hands to make them. Paint on stripes and print print print!

Once the hand prints are dry, shadow cut around them and add wings and eyes and feelers!

We used Q-tips to make feelers on some and used a marker to draw feelers onto others!

The bee wings are easy to cut out freehand but if you would rather not I have created a free bee wing template. Click here to download.

Put it all together and you have a great bee filled beehive!

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