Bubble Painting

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Painting with Bubbles – Yes an old classic, yet still one of the most exciting ways to paint! – – At least we think so!!

Bubble Paint:

Equal parts dishwashing liquid and water (about 1/4 cup of each) into a medium sized bowl.

You want there to be enough liquid to easily put the straw into without blowing air, however a small amount of liquid makes a lot of bubbles – and you do not want to dilute the paint to much.

We made 4, and into each we added a squirt of paint (about 2 TSP).

Bubble Painting with children is a great way to experiment with a new painting technique. Children really love this!



Then we took regular drinking straws and got blowing! Emma loved it, she huffed and puffed… and the bubbles just kept on coming!! I helped her to print the bubbles onto paper – which is as simple as waiting until your bubbles are above the top of the bowl and then placing a piece of card down on top of them, which in turn pops all the bubbles that are above bowl height, and leaves you with the best ever painted bubble prints.


bubble blowing painting, the most fun you can have with paint



Emma so enjoyed blowing bubbles, after our painting was finished, I filled up a bowl in the sink with water, squirted in some dishwashing liquid, and gave her a straw, she just kept on blowing… who knew, 30 minutes and a hyperventilated child later we would have so much fun!


blowing bubbles



(Just a word of caution, children need to know how to blow through a straw without sucking in before they can do this without foaming at the mouth! Our activity Pom Pom Rrrracing is a great easy way to learn to blow out!)



Painting with Bubbles


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