Laura Ladybug’s Bug Hotel Review

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DIY Bug Hotel. Why do you need bugs in your garden


What are bug hotels?

Why do we want bugs in our gardens?

How can we make our own?


I would like to introduce you to our guest contributor Laura Ladybug.


Laura Ladybug-01


She is well travelled, eats Aphids, she practices her flying for exercise – sometimes as high as 1100 meters and at speeds of 60km per hour. She can fly a distance of 120km in one flight, and… she has sexi legs – some call her “Lucky Legs Ladybug!”

Laura Ladybug has been hard at work this week reviewing 3 Bug Hotels. She would like to mention that bug hotels are important, and she knows you are thinking, “that’s all we need…more bugs…” but here is the thing, this hotel provides a home to pollinators and pest controllers!


We visited the school garden in our road, a great project. The children from the schools in the area all have their own “patch of land,” and they are all growing potatoes, carrots, beetroot, peppers and more! They have two big hotels here – this is actually where Laura Ladybug lives when she is not traveling – that’s how we know her!


Bugs are good for your garden! DIY Bug Hotel



This inspired us to find the best hotels available, and we asked Laura Ladybug to review them for us!





This grand hotel has rooms available for every kind of bug imaginable! Great choice and variety, perfect for the traveler who plans to stay long term!

This hotel was made by The Wildlife Gadgetman. He does fantastic work with bugstoreys! Check out his work. He has a great video that shows exactly how to make the perfect bug hotel!


 The Green Hotel



This is a fantastic hotel that makes use of green energy and recycled items! Definitely worth a stay, lots of pine cone rooms available and there is a deck on the roof for you to enjoy the view!

This hotel is owned by New England Garden and thread, take a look!


National Wildlife Federation’s Boutique Beach Villa



Great individual room capsule concept! Was made in one day and attracts only the stylish sort of guests! For more information on how to make one of these available in your own garden – give The National Wildlife federation’s page a visit!


We do hope you have enjoyed our bug hotel review and now feel all inspired to make one of your own! It is a really fantastic project for children to do, and it is genuinely beneficial to your garden!

Happy Hotel Building!



How to make your own Bug House

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