Butterflies made with coffee filters

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Coffee filters, who would have thought… make the best paper for watercolors!

They are very absorbent, and the colors seem to ‘stick’.


DIY Coffee Filter Butterflies - using wooden pegs and coffee filters

First we painted the coffee filters, many… many… coffee filters, Emma just loved the process and the result – and Mommy had fun too!!

Then while the coffee filters were drying we made our butterflies bodies out of wooden pegs. We stuck on eyes, and feelers… Some even got little bell buttons – so they jingle when they fly!

Emma could not wait to ‘fly fly fly’, so with wings half dry we flew all over the house.

This did prompt me to assemble all the butterflies when the coffee filters were not completely dry, it makes them easier to fold, once dry they become quite stiff.


Watercolor Butterflies Made with coffee filters and wooden pegs



Now the butterflies are resting on the window! Waiting for Emma to return from school!

I am sure she will fly fly fly all afternoon…


  1. Coffee Filters
  2. Watercolor Paints – or you could make your own like we did
  3. Wooden Pegs – you can paint them – or dye them in advance
  4. Pipe cleaners
  5. Googly eyes – or you can make your own
  6. Little Bells – optional

Coffee Filter paper is such a good medium to paint watercolors onto. The colors come up super bright! These butterflies are so easy to make, a great kids craft project!




One thing I have noticed about making our own toys is that there seems to be so much more enjoyment when playing with them. Obviously something you make yourself will hold your attention longer, but without exception, things we have made – to play with – get used until feelers and whiskers and eyes and tails are bent and broken and stuck and re-assembled…

Definitely going to look for more ‘make our own toys’ projects!! I’ll keep you posted!


Beautiful Watercolor Coffee Filter Butterflies



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