Butterfly Masks – Free Printables

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Here are EASY FREE Printable butterfly masks that you can make yourself!

We love butterflies so making masks to “actually wear and hold” transformed little humans into pretty flying creatures that spent most of the day flitting around!


Free Butterfly Mask Printables

1. Choose your masks…

2. Print them out…

3. Decorate…

4. Add a stick or elastic.


Free Printable butterfly masks. Great little craft activity


There are two sizes – big and small (both print out onto an A4 page.)

The big masks need to be held with a stick or straw attached to the back, the smaller masks can either be held with a stick – or you can tie or staple elastic onto the sides.


Here are the masks:


Free Butterfly Mask Printables



Free Printable Butterfly Masks - smaller size



We had so much fun!

Hope you do too!

We would love to see what you come up with! Please feel free to share your photos onto our Facebook Page!

More butterfly Crafts? SURE, we love them!!

Origami butterflies made with watercolor painted coffee filters

Peg and Coffee Filter Butterflies 


Here are FREE Butterfly Mask Printable Templates - Print, Design and Use!



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