Cardboard and Play Dough Christmas Trees

All activities must be supervised by an adult. This post may contain affiliate links.

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Cardboard and play dough Christmas Trees is a great little activity to set up for one of those rainy days! Sensory play activity combined with a little art and design!

I enjoy play dough! It is the most simple thing to make and there are endless possibilities to play ideas! It is also super good for strengthening those little hand muscles, that are so important for handwriting at a later stage!

Our favorite play dough recipe is cooked! It is easy and by far the best play dough we have ever made… and we have made a lot! Recipe here...

Today however we used a quick no-cook recipe, also wonderful, and keeps for weeks in the fridge. Here is the link to the green peppermint Christmas scented play dough…

Supplies needed to make play dough Christmas Trees

  • Play dough. We used peppermint and winter glitter dough
  • Cardboard – something strong like a packing box
  • A Stanley Knife, we have one like this! Parents only!!
  • Tree decorations. We used play dough, wooden stamps, and sequins

Christmas invitations to play are a good way to spend the afternoon! We set up this one with play dough and things from around the house. Invite your Children to explore the scents and textures of Christmas with this lovely – easy to set up – invitation to play.

Making cardboard and play dough Christmas trees was a little more directed. It had a clear objective in place… to cover the trees and make ornaments.

Emma and Dylan both covered their cardboard trees in different ways. Dylan squashed the play dough onto his tree. Emma rolled play dough onto the top of her tree.

Once the trees were completely covered with play dough we turned them over and used a pizza cutter to get rid of any access play dough.

Then we decorated!

For some of the decoration we also used our easy winter no-cook play dough, click here for recipe…

We used a fork to create texture onto one of the trees.

Beautiful little creations!

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Looking specifically for Christmas ideas? We have a Pinterest board specifically for Christmas themed ideas!

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