Cardboard Red-Chested Robin Craft with Free Printable Template

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This cardboard red-chested robin craft ia simply adorable!

We enjoyed making these wonderful little Robins over Christmas. This time we wanted to make a bigger version and found an interesting way to make his little red chest stand out.

Cardboard Red-Chested Robin Craft with Free Printable Template

Red-chested Robin craft supplies:

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  • The free printable template
  • Cardboard/cardstock – we used an old packing box
  • A punch to make the holes to thread the wool – we used this single hole punch
  • Brown paint – any paint will work – we like this one
  • Red wool
  • Orange foam or cardstock to make a beak
  • Marker pen to draw their eyes. We also added white spots onto the Robin’s wing with a white chalk marker.
  • Glue & Scissors
  • A Stanley knife to cut out the cardboard if it is too thick for scissors. Adults only!

How to make your own Cardboard Red-Chested Robin

I have included an easy instruction video for you to watch.

A few tips:

Use cardboard or cardstock that is going to work with your punch. I used a packing box and it worked but I struggled to punch the holes as it was almost too thick!

I used thick red wool. Any red wool or string will work.

Make sure that you leave enough space between the ‘red breast’ and the edge of your Robin – space enough to punch holes and a little bit extra. This will ensure a stronger body.

The paint needs to be completely dry before you start to thread the wool. When you paint, the paint will run into the little holes. Leave it overnight to completely dry – paint will end up on your wool otherwise.

If you wanted to get really fancy you could add a split pin to attach the wing – so it could move.

Here is an easy instruction video to follow;

Here are some other winter-themed ideas we think you may enjoy:

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Cardboard tube snowman – wonderful and cute.

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Snow dough – the perfect winter themed sensory play idea.

Red chested robin - great idea for a winter themed kids craft.
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