Cardboard Tube Easter Bunny

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This is such a lovely idea and so easy to make!

We love using stamps to create art and have made a few cardboard tube art projects before. I will include some further ideas at the end of the page!

What materials do you need to make these cute bunnies?

  • Toilet rolls – 2 should do the trick
  • Cardboard background. We used an A3 green background so we could fit in two bunnies.
  • Paint for your bunnies. We used white and pink.
  • Paint to decorate the background – we created grass and butterflies!
  • Glue to stick the TP rolls together. I use a hot glue gun because the sticking and drying are instant. You can use any glue that works for you!
  • I’ve included an easy amazon shopping list below.

Make your bunnies in 3 easy steps:

  1. Make the bunny stamp
  2. Stamp the bunnies
  3. Decorate your bunnies and the background

TIPS to make the perfect stamp:

  • Make sure you stick the stamp together on a flat surface. This ensures that one side of the bunny is always level. This is important when you paint the bunny, all sides must touch the paper.
  • Use one toilet roll for the body and two feet. Divide a toilet roll into 3 parts.
  • Use another for the ears. Squeeze the toilet roll flat first. Then cut off two ears. Make sure your ears are the same size in height as your body and feet. (1/3 of a toilet roll)
  • Easy video instructions:

Looking for more inspiration? Try these great cardboard tube ideas:

  • Sunflower stamps. A beautiful example of how easy something can be! We created this lovely painting with 3 empty TP rolls!
  • Flower printing using toilet rolls. Cardboard tube flower printing is one of those ideas that have been around for many years and never gets old!
  • Circle Printing for toddlers. If like us you are learning about shapes, then this circle printing toilet roll craft activity is fantastic – because children love it and because it is so easy to set up!
  • Springtime blooms. These flowers you are going to make in bunches!
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