Cardboard Tube Flower Printing. Easy Flower Craft for Kids.

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Cardboard tube flower printing is one of those ideas that have been around for many years and never gets old!

The shape of your flower can be determined by how you cut the tube – I have shown four examples in these instructions, but the possibilities are endless!

The main objective of this craft is to have fun. Ultimately it is a process art activity for younger children. The older the child gets the more they are going to want a flower result. 2-year-olds are more interested in stamping.

Cardboard Tube Flower Printing Materials

  • TP rolls or kitchen paper rolls
  • Paint – any paint will do
  • Cardboard or thick paper in the size you prefer. We used A2 as it gives us lots of space to create
  • I’ve included an easy Amazon shopping list below.

How to make these wonderful flowers

  • Our video below shows you exactly how!
  • TIP: The cardboard dries after use and it tends to curl and bend. That means if you want to use your stamps a second time on another day, make sure you store the flower bits flat and weighted down.
  • The flowers sometimes need a little push down with your fingers when stamping to make sure all the petals have made contact with the paper.

If flowers or recycled crafts are your thing, here are a few more ideas for you to have a look at:

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