Children’s Autumn Tree Art and Crafts

All activities must be supervised by an adult. This post may contain affiliate links.

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40 Kids Fall Tree Art and Craft Ideas

Autumn Tree Art and Crafts make beautiful Children’s projects!

The trees provide you the the most amazing range of colors and shapes to work with – and their beauty this time of year is enough to inspire any young artist!

There are so many things you can do and experiment with – these are a few of our favorites!

Trees made with Fun – Interesting – New & Special materials

I love experimental – and often process – art!

Painting with interesting materials often adds something special – to the idea – to the process – to the fun!!

Try making this air blown autumn tree (above) It will require lung power and it is about the most fun you can have with a straw!

Here are 40 more Autumn Tree Art and Crafts:

Fun - Exciting - Clever and Interesting ways to make Autumn Trees this Fall. Fantastic Childrens Art and Craft.
  1. Printing Leaves with Egg Boxes // Teach PreSchool
  2. Cookie Cutter Printing // I Heart Crafty Things
  3. Fall Yarn Tree // 3 Dinosaurs
  4. Fall Button Branch // Meet the Dubiens
  5. Coffee Filter Tree collage // Art Projects for Kids
  6. Tape Resist Tree // No Time for Flash Cards
  7. Cork Dotted Autumn Tree // Emma Owl
Fun & Exciting Autumn Tree Art and Craft Ideas for Children.
  1. Confetti Sprinkled Tree // Ko-ko-koKIDS
  2. Pumpkin Seed Tree // Growing a Jeweled Rose
  3. Q-tip Tree // Mess for Less
  4. Dish Brush Tree // Crafty Morning
  5. Pencil Shaving Tree // De tout et de rien
  6. Foil Painted Fall Tree // Munchkins and Moms
Autumn Art and Craft Project ideas for Children of all Ages.
  1. Kandinsky Fall Tree // Art Projects for Kids
  2. Fruit Loop Fall tree // Crafty Morning
  3. Puzzle Piece Tree // I Heart Crafty Things
  4. Splatter Tree // Ko Ko Ko Kids
  5. Torn Paper Tree // Finally in First
  6. Popcorn Fall Tree // Happy Hooligans
3D Fall Tree Projects for Kids. Adding space and dimension to art projects

Build a tree Craft with Kids

3 Dimensional Crafts with Kids adds something new to all ages!

All children benefit from a craft that encourages dimension – not everything is flat.

Hand-Eye coordination is also improved when creating things in 3D.

Older children especially get to further develop spacial awareness and the understanding that shapes have formed.

  1. Pom Pom Tree // Play Trains
  2. Cinnamon Salt Dough Leaf Ornaments // The Imagination Tree
  3. Maple Tree Leaf Globe // Premeditated Leftovers
  4. Paper Tube Fall Tree Craft // 1+1+1=1
  5. Fall Button Tree // Hands on as we Grow
  6. Paper Bag Fall Tree // Pikadilly Charm
  7. Fall Centerpiece Craft // Housing a Forest
  8. Coffee Filter Fall Tree // Reading Confetti
Kids Autumn Art and Craft Ideas - made using real leaves!

Tree Art with REAL fall leaves

  1. Mandala Autumn Leaf Tree // Wunderbare Enkel
  2. Fall Sticky Trees // Twodaloo
  3. Window Trees // Acorn School via Transform Ed
  4. HandPrint Fall Tree // Pinterest

The best hand and footprint autumn tree ideas around!

Hands and Feet Autumn Trees

  1. Fall Thankful Trees // Lady of the House
  2. Footprint walked Autumn Tree // Emma Owl
  3. Fingerprint Tree // Little Page Turners
  4. Fall Hand Print // Fun A Day
  5. Falling Leaves Craft for Kids // The Happiest Home
  6. Leaf Print Tree // First Palette
  7. Tissue Paper Handprint Tree // Be Brave, Keep Going
  8. Footprint Fall Tree // Image – Pinterest
  9. Hand and Tissue Paper Fall Tree // Dutch Colors

Air Dry Clay Leaf Bowls – with full video tutorial! These make the most wonderful gifts!

40 Fantastic Autumn Tree Art and Craft Ideas for Children - painting - printing - building - walking - sticking and more!
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