Chocolate Dough Easter Eggs

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These chocolate dough Easter eggs are absolutely wonderful! They dried so well naturally and they make the cutest little Easter decor on our Easter tree!

A few weeks back we made chocolate play dough. It was so easy to make and it smelled GREAT! We thought of making these eggs and seeing what they turned out once they had dried. Not all play dough dries well, but this one sure did! The color is a lovely chocolaty light brown and they are hard as stone!

Chocolate  Dough Easter Eggs

Materials for Chocolate Dough Easter Eggs

  • Chocolate dough – follow this easy recipe
  • An egg cookie cutter – or template.
  • Decorations. We decorated our eggs with rice, colored chickpeas, and popcorn kernels.
  • String to hang your eggs up if desired.
  • Wax paper. (optional) I used this to cover the board when I cut out the eggs – this way I don’t have to transfer them to dry.

How to make your own chocolate eggs:

When your dough is made roll it out about 0.2inch / 0.5cm thick.

Cut out your egg shapes and decorate.

Add a hole at the top before it dries. The easiest way to do this is with a drinking straw.

Let your eggs dry naturally. Ours took a few days. They lighten as they dry.

Once dry you can add the string or twine and hang them up!

Chocolate  Dough Easter Eggs

Here are some other ideas I think you may enjoy:

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Potato printing Easter eggs – these stamps make the best Easter eggs!

If you prefer to use a regular salt dough recipe, here is the link to the perfect one, including tips to make sure it lasts forever.

Recycled Easter ballet basket. This is the perfect easter idea for the ballerina in your life!

Chocolate  Dough Easter Eggs. This is a fantastic Easter Craft idea with Kids.
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