Christmas Burlap Poinsettia

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My Mom is a very clever lady – who happens to create the most beautiful things… and every now and then, if I ask her very nicely, she will photograph the step by step instructions for me!!

This is her Burlap Poinsettia – made for her Christmas table, but looks amazing hanging in the tree – waiting for Christmas Day!!

She has also attached a few to some florists wire (you will see below) and put them onto wine bottles for gifts! It is such a clever idea, and so beautiful!

Christmas Burlap and Linen Poinsettia

Christmas Burlap Poinsettia Materials:

  • Thick stiff fabric. (I choose a red linen weave and hessian (burlap)
  • Scissors, needle and thread
  • Fabric glue
  • Beads for the middle
  • Template of a poinsettia leaf – you can use ours – free to download here…


Poinsettia Method – Step by Step…

  • Each flower will consist of four leaves
  • Three in the main colour and one in the contrasting color. In this example the burlap has been used as the main color and the red linen as the contrasting color.

How to make a burlap poinsettia


  • Using the template, cut three leaves in main color
  • Cut one leaf in contrasting color – and cut this one – ONLY this one – in half
  • Gather each main color leaf in the middle, fold in half, and stitch the three folded leaves together

How to make a burlap poinsettia - with red fabric inserts

  • Fan the leaves out and stick the the two outside leaves together with a little glue
  • Place the two ‘half’ contrasting leaves amongst the other leaves, and stick ‘in position’ with a bit of glue
  • Stick/sew beads in the middle of the flower

How to make a burlap poinsettias


These poinsettias can be used for any thing Christmassy… like a tree decoration or table setting ornaments – or gift wrapping – or wine bottle add ons!!

Burlap Pointsettia - great christmas tree ornament

If you want to add this to a wine bottle, a good idea is to thread a little florists wire through the back of the flower and make a little ring – finish with ribbon, and then you can pop the ring over the top of any bottle of wine… beautiful!

Here below you can see the back of the flower around a bottle of wine!

Poinsettia on a bottle of wine

Poinsettia from Burlap

Hanging on the tree waiting to be put onto the table on Christmas Day!

DiY Burlap and Red Weave Pointsettia

Let us know if you make some of these!

We would love to see your own creations!

Just remember, if you are looking for more Christmas Inspiration,  you can pop over to PINTEREST to our Christmas Board! There are literally hundreds of Christmas Ideas there!

Easy DiY Christmas Decoration - Tree Ornament or Gift Idea. Burlap Poinsettia as beautiful and a great Christmas Craft Project


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