Christmas Salt Dough Angel Ornaments

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Salt Dough Angel Ornaments are the perfect Christmas decoration, especially since they are so easy to make! Salt dough takes no time at all and you are most likely have the ingredients in your kitchen cupboard! *PLUS* I have included 3 angel templates for you to download or print out – and then trace around!! Could not be more simple!!


This craft is inspired by the book Santa’s Little Angel! If like us you like Christmas books – we read them all year round – then this book is definitely worth adding to your collection!! (US Readers) (UK Readers)

Right! Let’s get started!

What do you need to make Salt Dough Angel Ornaments?

  • Paper or card to print the templates
  • Scissors and a sharp knife
  • Wax paper / silicon mat (US) (UK)
  • Paint – optional if you want to paint on a face or design. We left ours natural.
  • Sealant – optional if you want these to last, especially if you live in humid climates! We use a spray sealer like this (US) (UK)
  • Silver Glitter – optional, I added glitter to the salt dough to get a little shiny effect!
  • String or Twine to hang

Salt Dough Angel Ornament Instructions:

  1. Print out your angel templates. Choose the design/s you want and cut them out.
  2. Next, make your salt dough. Salt dough will start to dry fairly quickly, so you want to make it and roll it out straight away. This allows you to cut out an angel, and roll up the left over and start again.
  3. I added glitter to the salt dough recipe – this you can do easily by adding 3 Tablespoons to the flour when you make it!
  4. When your dough is ready (or air dry clay is in hand) roll it out onto wax paper or a silicon mat.
  5. Roll out the dough to about 5mm thick. You will get all 3 angles on the templates from one ball of dough.
  6. Once your angels are cut out make a small hole on the top to add string – if you are planning to hang them!
  7. Let them dry completely.
  8. Once dry you can add designs or a face with paint if you like. We left ours natural and because we dried them in the oven they got a bronze color which I though was beautiful as is! Up to you!
  9. All that is left to do is hang them!

We love crafts inspired by books!

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