Christmas Spice Ornaments with Salt Dough

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We love making our own Christmas ornaments and these salt dough spice Christmas ornaments turned out even better than expected!

In the lead up to Christmas, we make a zillion ornaments! Some we keep, and some we give away! Some ornaments make the perfect gifts and others are a great addition to the wrapping!

I love “gift tags” that can be removed and hung on the tree!

Christmas Spice Ornaments with Salt Dough

Working with salt dough is easy, cheap and wonderful!

Here is the link to the best salt dough recipe we know, plus instructions to seal it so it lasts forever!

Spice and Christmas go hand in hand!

These little ornaments were so much fun to make and they look absolutely wonderful!

We started with circles, but you could of course use any shape you wish.

As with any craft I do together with my kids, I first set it all up and got everything ready.

I made the salt dough and we cut out big circles.

Then we sat down and decorated!

Salt Dough Christmas Spice Ornaments

Salt dough Christmas spice ornament supplies:

  • Salt dough. This recipe will make about 5 big circles.
  • Spices. We used cardamon, cinnamon, star anise, coriander seeds, cloves, juniper berries, thyme. Choose any spice you like. I tried to select those spices that would create great shapes.
  • String or twine to hang it up with.
  • Circle cookie cutter or a big glass/cup to use as a cutter
  • A drinking straw to make a hole at the top of the ornament
  • Wax paper or a plastic or silicone mat or board to rest your ornaments on when you decorate them. We used a piece of sturdy cardboard from a box and a small piece of wax paper.

Spice Ornament Instructions:

A few easy steps:

  1. Make your salt dough and roll it out about 1/3 inch or 1cm thick
  2. Cut out your shape – we made circles.
  3. With a straw add a hole to the top of the ornament whilst it is still wet before you start to decorate.
  4. Decorate your ornament with spices
  5. Leave to dry. It will take about 3 days for your ornament to fully dry. After a day flip it over so it can also dry the underside.
  6. Once it is dry, add the string or twine and hang it onto the tree!
Christmas Spice Ornaments with Salt Dough
Christmas Spice Ornaments with Salt Dough

These Christmas spice ornaments will also make the most beautiful gifts!

Love working with salt dough? Here are some other ideas I think you might like!

Christmas Spice Ornaments with Salt Dough
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