Clothing Peg Easter Bunnies

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These will make any flower arrangement HOP HOP HOP

So easy and simple, but sooooo VERY CUTE!

Easter Bunny Peg Craft for your flowers

Easter Bunny Peg Materials:


Wooden Skewers

White paint (I used spray paint,)

Cardboard or thick paper to draw faces



Easter Bunny. This will make any flower arrangement hop hop hop


First Paint your clothing pegs.

Then draw little bunny faces onto card and cut them out.

Once the pegs are dry, paint in or draw in the pink ears.

When dry stick on the faces.

Then peg it onto the top of a wooden skewer.


CLothing Peg Easter Bunny


The wooden skewer allows you to stick them in-between your flowers.

Tulips work especially well…




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