Cork Dotted Autumn Tree

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This is a great little activity that children of any age can do!

We made the sweetest little trees with falling leaves! This is something we have done a few times! As the children get older the trees become more specific and the care work gets better!!

Cork Dotted Autumn Tree Materials:

  • Paper or card – The bigger the better. Corks are larger so an A4 size can be a little small. However it that is what you have go for it!!
  • Autumn colored paints – Kids poster paint like this works a treat!
  • Corks – an excuse to finish the wine!! Please drink responsibly!!

First we painted our trunk and waited for that to dry!

If you would rather print out a tree then this free printable is great!

Then we dotted dotted dotted as many leaves as we could around the trunk.

It really is as simple as that!

Beautifully Easy!!

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