Cork Dotted Snail

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Cork Dotted Snail. Great spiral project for children


Wow, this turned out even prettier than I thought it would.



Paper or Card stock, corks, paint, markers or something to add feelers and eyes.


Painting with corks. These snails turned out great


If you are working with a slightly younger child you could draw on the spiral for them – in pencil and get them to dot – dot – dot over it.

I stood all the corks onto blobs of paint, and we got dotting….


Cork Dotted Snails. Fantastic Art and Craft activity for children


This really is a great spiral or snail activity…


spiral snail art activity for children. cork dotted painting


We really enjoyed our cork printing… and what a great way to use up some of those corks lying around…


Cork Dotted Snails. Fantastic Childrens art and craft activity



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