Cork Printed Button Flowers

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These little flowers make the perfect gift – as flowers, or you could stick them onto a card – without the straw, and they would make the perfect flowers add ons!!

Beautiful flowers made from corks and buttons

What do you need to make the flowers?

Corks, Paint, Glue, Straws, Buttons (and if you are going to make a flower stamp – show you later – then you need a few elastic bands)




We painted our flowers in 2 ways.

1. By individually printing each centre and petal – this is great for making the centre a different color to the rest of the flower…


cork printed flowers


And then we made our own flower stamp, and printed them onto card in one shot!

(We tied a few corks together around a centre one with an elastic band or two!)





Either way you choose to do this flower printing it is going to be fun and real pretty!!

Once the paint was dry I shadow cut around the flowers, stuck buttons onto the centre and added a stem – which we used straws for. (You could use any stick or wooden skewer)



Button and Cork Printed Flowers



Sometimes the prettiest things are so easy!


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Fun Kids Craft - Button and Cork Printed Flowers. So easy to set up and make.



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